Monday, May 15, 2017

Latest at CORNWALL COUNCIL setting up an administration


"Cornwall Council’s Independent members met today to consider the situation which has emerged during the period since the election.

Andrew Mitchell, Group Leader of the Independents said

“The Cornish electorate has created a hung Council. Independents seek to represent only their communities and to lead Cornwall in complex and difficult times. The Conservatives approached us with an offer that was unanimously rejected because it ‘required’ us to agree to their manifesto”

We are proposing that the Annual Meeting on 23rd May elects the Council’s Chairman and Leader. The Leader is charged to recruit a Cabinet in a timely manner which is proportionate and which will agree to work collectively in Cornwall’s best interests.

Independents recognise that people require direct representation and are accountable only to the people who elected them."

SO efforts to crerate an administration continue!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Monday and Tuesday, 8th and 9th May 2017 were induction days at Lys Kernow (County Hall) for newly elected councillors, with a mind-spinning round of lectures and presentations on what the council is, what our roles are, how it all works, plus reams of paperwork, signing up for training sessions, photographs for the website and ID cards, and getting to know people.
Afternoons were opportunities for councillors to meet in their political party groups, (I say "Councillors" as that is the common term, but apparently we are "Divisional Members" in council-speak.)
Obviously, political parties such as Conservatives, Liberal Democrats, Labour, Mebyon Kernow, Greens etc are true political parties but what about Independents like me? I have never been in a political party and have changed my votes depending on the election and the state of the country at the time. I have also usually supported Independent candidates in local elections.

The Independents have traditionally formed an "Independent Group" a banding together for mutual support, advice, and to avoid being brushed aside by the political parties. I have signed up to the Independent Group, and listened intently to their debates.

The "Big Issue" is that no political party has overall control of the council, there are 123 councillors, so to hold overall control and be confident of winning debates in council, a party needs at least 62 councillors.

Conservatives have the most with 46, Liberal Democrats next with 37, and Independents third with 30. (Labour 4, MK 4, Labour and Cooperative party 1)

There are intense discussions ongoing about whether any parties and groups will work with others to form an administration for the council, if Independents came to an agreement with Conservatives or Lib Dems, there would be a possibility of forming some form of joint administration, so are in a good position, however rumours abound but there is no firm news at the time of writing!

Locally in Hayle there is an informal meeting this week for old and new town councillors to meet and decide who wants to do which jobs and roles in the council. Remember there are three vacancies for the council which we will need to co-opt people for (unless enough people in town wish to force another election!)

Watch this space, I hope to continue letting people know what's going on in Hayle local politics!


Saturday, May 6, 2017

ELECTED, Cornwall and Town!

WELL! That was all quite manic! Local Elections May 2017

Once I knew who my opponents in Hayle South Ward were I could finish my leaflet design only to find my favoured printer was on holiday and unavailable, so cue desperate phone calls until Headland Printers of Penzance were able to do the job in time at a good price.

Getting Nomination papers and signatures had been a rush and a panic, but Cornwall Council officers were patient and helpful, and I was in time to be properly nominated

Organising distribution of leaflets was another headache but eventually large areas of Hayle received my leaflets in good time. Thanks to Teamwork and for the last leaflets, nephew Steve!

Hours were spent online in emails and social media, answering questions and enquiries and similar on the telephone as the days to Election Day on 4th May 2017 seemed to rush by.

Candidates backed by political parties usually have much of the work, and all of the expenses paid by the political parties, but us Independents have to do it all and pay for it all ourselves (must be mad!?)

Finally on Thursday4th May (Star Wars Day--"May the Fourth be with you") I was able to rest, nothing more could be done as Hayle went to the polls, (or stayed at home) so a day cruising around just chatting to people was a pleasant change.

Friday was Count Day at Carn Brea Leisure Centre, and I made my way around noon to where it all took place, and the waiting was a pain, but eventually, around 3pm they did the count for Hayle South ward. I watched as the ballot papers were checked and placed into one or other of the three candidates trays, and for a while it was neck and neck between me and the Conservative Candidate, with only a few for the Lib Dem candidate.

Eventually my pile pulled ahead, and finally it was clear that I had won, but there was still a wait for the official declaration from Kate Kennally, Cornwall Council's Chief Executive and Returning Officer, and YES I was duly elected, with 54% of the vote, ahead of Conservatives with 34% and Lib Dems with 13%.

The word was that the count for Town and Parish Councils was going to be quite a bit later so I went home to await results online, but by then the Cornwall Council website had "gone down" under the pressure and had to be fixed overnight.

By Saturday morning results were in and I polled the second highest number of votes in Hayle Town Council after John Pollard, so a big "THANK YOU" Hayle voyers for your support.

I have already been called to County Hall this Saturday morning for a meeting of Independent councillors, and will be attending a two day induction course on Monday and Tuesday coming. All very interesting and new so far!

I'm looking forward to the challenges!


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2017 Local Elections - Hayle.

For Cornwall and Hayle

Town Councils in 4th May

Local Elections
Popular Independent Cornwall Councillor John Coombe is not standing for re-election in Hayle South Ward on the 4th May 2017

I believe I am his natural successor for that position. I was born and raised in St George’s Road, Hayle and went to Penpol and Humphry Davy schools. I had a full career in Devon and Cornwall Police, mainly in Cornwall, and have been able to live back in Hayle for the last 21 years. I have four children, three adult and grown up and one still in Hayle Community School.

Ten years ago I was elected to Hayle Town Council and have served Hayle as councillor since then, plus two years as Deputy Mayor, and two years as Hayle Mayor until last year. I really enjoy council work and the challenges it brings.

My attendance record at meetings is very good, and I am currently chairman of the Amenities Committee. I have been on almost every committee, subcommittee and working group on the council and am aware of all the recent and current dealings between Hayle and Cornwall councils. I am also a member of the steering Group of the Hayle Neighbourhood Plan which should reach completion this

year, giving Hayle real influence over many planning issues up to 2030. My special interest is planning.

I too am an Independent, not beholden to any political party, and I don’t think party politics should be a factor in Local Government. Time should not be wasted in squabbles over party politics, but all energies should be put to getting the very best results for Cornwall overall and Hayle in particular.

Two of the political parties oppose me in this election, with one candidate parachuted in from Lostwithiel, and another from Gwinear Parish with no recent involvement in Hayle council matters or business with Cornwall Council. I firmly believe that I am the best candidate for the job, and my knowledge and experience will see me as an effective Cornwall Councillor working for Hayle right from the start.

It is a great benefit if a Cornwall Councillor is also a Town Councillor, for continuity between the Town Council representing the people and Cornwall Council, it makes for greater efficiency and better representation so I am also standing for re-election as a Town Councillor in Hayle’s North Ward, (neither of my opponents are or are seeking to become Hayle Town Councillors.)

Wherever you live in Hayle, Phillack or Angarrack you will be able to vote for me for Cornwall or Hayle Councils. Please DO vote, and please vote for me. I will do my very best for you.

If you want to speak to me or ask anything I am on 07989 606992, email or Facebook
Graham Coad

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Monday, September 1, 2014

Hayle Supermarket Wars and ASDA on South Quay.

How ASDA ended up on South Quay, Hayle.

As Mayor, and a Hayle Town Councillor for the last seven years, and active on Social Media I am becoming aware that many people did not follow the developments of the "Supermarket Battles" or the recent history of South Quay and Hayle Harbour, and don't understand how an ASDA ended up being built on SouthQuay, Hayle.

I recently posted an explanation on Facebook which has received some praise, so I will re-post it here to help people understand.

 The Harbour came into the possession of ING around 2004, and amongst the various plans and proposals, South Quay renovation was starting to look like being the last phase of the overall development.

Suddenly supermarkets took an interest in Hayle, because of its position on the road network and its potential catchment area. Morrisons wanted the Jewson’s site at Carnsew, Sainsbury wanted to build on Loggans Moor nature reserve and marsh, and ASDA wanted to build on the Rugby Club. All of these wanted to come to Hayle, but the Penwith Retail study of 2007, (and the later Cornwall Retail Study 2010) which was evidence the planners are obliged to rely on said there WAS scope for an additional supermarket in Hayle, but ONLY ONE.

This made it a “Battle of the supermarkets” but then ING joined in by proposing their South Quay site for a supermarket development, without any supermarket brand being signed up.

ING’s advisors had learned something that the local councillors, and people interested in planning were to discover. Sequential Tests.

These were and are strong parts of government guidelines on planning, and serve to ensure development is in the best, or least harmful sites.

The Retail Sequential Test stated that a supermarket development site closest to an existing shopping centre is the preferred option as it enable footfall to the supermarket to be close to existing shops so they have a chance to compete for the new potential customers. (This put South Quay in the lead.)

The Flooding Sequential Test meant that sites least likely to be flooded or most easily protected against flooding are preferred sites (This effectively knocked Sainsbury out)

The two proposals, ASDA and Sainsbury both on Marsh Lane, also had largely unresolved Traffic and Transport issues with the already overloaded roundabout at Loggans Moor/Carwin.

These were the planning issues and policies that set ING’s South Quay as the Number One preferred site for a supermarket development.

Added to that were the additional “Planning Gains” for the South Quay site of ING having to carry out the highly expensive repairs to South Quay and Carnsew Quay, exposing and excavating Carnsew Dock and the Carnsew Sluice, replacing the sluice gates and repairing the sluice tunnels (“Black Houses”) so a sluicing regime could be restarted, making contributions to road improvements around Hayle, contributing to the new railway station approach, building a bridge from its supermarket to Penpol Terrace shops, and new routes through ISIS Gardens to Foundry, public promenade all around South Quay and public entertainment and recreation areas.
The final benefit was ING’s offer to hand ownership and control of the harbour over to a Hayle body.|

The South Quay supermarket planning application was the clear winner on planning grounds.

Originally ING were negotiating with Sainsbury, but they dropped out when they got the Penzance Heliport site, then ASDA switched from supporting the Rugby Club site and came to South Quay.